WCCC :: member :: WCCC/Voler link

WCCC :: member :: WCCC/Voler link

Clothing Orders and New membership Signups will open October 15, 2013. This will be the renewal and new membership signup and clothing order for the 2014 season.  A link to Voler will be provided in the near future.


Welcome to the WCCC! So, you want to join our Club? Great!! There are no dues, we don’t require references, we don’t need your Grandmother’s maiden name and you don’t need to create another password!


All you need to do are these 3 things:


1. Sign the waiver. Click back on the website, find the waiver and complete it online.


2. Order clothes from Voler. Your first clothing order needs to be $60. Thereafter, if you buy kit every year, you will get a healthy rebate. (Traditionally, it has been $35.)


3. You need to buy your Ride Leader a beer sometime, (not every ride, just once) to thank him or her for leading the ride! If your Ride Leader is not available, you can always buy the Ride Director a beer!